The printing capabilities of Ipak Printing House are based on the use of printers from such manufacturers as Man Roland and Heidelberg. We manufacture packaging and labels with the use of offset (traditional) printing technology + UV inline varnish or with the use of the screen printing technology (UV). 

Our machinery resources allow us to achieve the basic finishes:

  • Dispersion varnish: matte/deep matter/gloss/high gloss
  • Varnish: blister – sealable, heat-resistant
  • UV varnish: applied to the entire surface or to selected parts, matte/gloss/glitter
  • Hybrid effects, called “orange skin”
  • Foil: matte/gloss/soft touch
  • Paint: scratch card/scented/fluorescent
  • Hot-stamping: gold/silver/colours/holograms/glitter/scratch card
  • Embossing: convex/concave/3D/Braille

Bindery Department

Bindery is the largest department of our company. The combination of the experience of our specialist team and the latest technologies allows us to create unique cardboard products. 


  • Die cutting machines
  • Binding and gluing machines
  • Hot-Stamping machine
  • Window-application machine capable of applying spatial windows
  • Laminating machine
  • Cutter-application machine
  • Automated screen printing line
  • Guillotine – cutter



Ipak Printing House has specialist gluers capable of gluing even the most complex structures, at up to 6 gluing points. 

The process is supervised by the operator and the electronic control system governing all the functions of the device called VIS, which operates in the modular Vega Polaris gluer. It monitors bending and gluing of packaging with the use of automatic HHS readers, which control print and cutting parameters.

Die cutting

Precision cutting is a must for any professional printing house, which is why we have put our trust in such manufacturers of die cutting equipment as Bobst and Heidelberg. We offer B1+ die cutting services with convex and concave embossing, Braille embossing and textured embossing. 



The guillotine – cutter enables us to cut paper to any format, before and after processing. 

Window application

The right display of products is a vital element of marketing. With that in mind, we manufacture packaging which meets the client’s expectations and helps display their product in the best possible way. 

One of our services is application of windows in packaging. The windows can be of various sizes and shapes, including spatial windows, and have the following parameters: precision of 1 mm [0.04 in], window thickness from 0.05 [0.002 in] to 0.25 mm [ 0.0098 in], paper density from 200 to 2000 grams.


Screen printing

The automatic production line can apply UV varnish of any type. The range of surface finishes available, apart from UV varnish, paint and other varnish, includes special effects and scratch cards. 


Some products require laminated packaging. To meet the needs of our clients, Ipak Printing House manufactures laminated packaging in the following combinations: solid board + solid board or solid board + corrugated board. 


B1+ print laminating

IMG BRAUSE Format: B1+ is a modern, full-sized hot-stamping machine, capable of working with a high level of precision and efficiency. It is a perfect solution for high-volume cardboard and paper processing. 

Decorated packaging is a common trend in today’s food and cosmetic industries. Ipak Print House has the best machines for surface finishing in B1+ format.

Hot stamping foil:

  • various colours, patterns
  • holograms
  • convex and concave hot stamping




Cutter application

The modern Lamers machine enables us to apply plastic and paper cutters to packaging, such as cling film, aluminium foil, baking sleeves, etc.